Arizona State University

With four different campuses to choose from and over 300 programs, ASU offers an abundance of choices. By starting at MCC to get your associate degree and transferring to ASU to finish your bachelor’s degree, you can decrease the cost of college substantially. 

Benefits of transferring to ASU:

  • Guaranteed admission, when MAPP requirements are met
  • Specific scholarships available for transfer students who complete an associate degree
  • Access to transfer advising at our Southern & Dobson campus

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Steps to get to ASU

  1. Decide
    Decide where you want to go and what your major is going to be.  If you are undecided about your major skip to Step 2.
  2. Meet
    Meet with the transfer specialist from ASU — talk over the different pathways available.  Look over and start planning out the classes you need to take at MCC that will best transfer to a degree at ASU.
  3. Attend Class
    Take up to 64 credits at MCC to transfer.
  4. Apply
    Apply for undergraduate admission.  Remember this step includes FAFSA, sending in your official transcripts, and possibly your SAT/ACT test scores.  Make sure you start the process early to give yourself enough time to complete it.
  5. Major Requirements
    Some programs have more specific requirements than ASU’s admissions.  It could happen that you are admitted to ASU, but not to your program!  This can cause delays in your education, so to make sure you have all required papers and tests.

Transfer Programs

The ASU transfer pathways make getting your bachelor’s degree easy and affordable. There are many different pathways to transfer to ASU depending on your desired major.  To learn more about any of the program options, talk with the Transfer Admissions Specialist.

The Maricopa to ASU Pathways Program (MAPP) is a Transfer Admission Guarantee program.  In this program students earn their associate degree as well as their Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC).  These degrees are then transferred into a bachelor’s degree at ASU.  View available MAPP paths .
If you are pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing and plan on earning a bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, this pathway is for you. Sign up with your advisor.
If you are looking to get a bachelor’s of applied science, this pathway is best for you.  You will start out by earning your Associate of Applied Science at MCC; talk to an advisor to get started with the right classes.
Not sure what you want to major in quite yet?  This program is perfect for you.  The program will help you get your core classes out of  the way.  Speak with an advisor to find out which classes you should take.

Transfer Requirements

Interested in earning your bachelor’s degree, but nervous about the process?  Good news!  The pathway programs were forged to take guessing out of the picture. By completing your pathway program and keeping your GPA at, or above, a 2.5, you are well on your way to being admitted to ASU.

Transfer your credits

ASU will accept a maximum of 64 credits in which a grade of a C — or better was received.  To transfer your credits, submit a request for your transcripts to be sent to ASU.

Keep in mind — not all courses at MCC will count towards your major at ASU, this is why it is important to check with a Transfer Specialist and the .

Requirements for specific programs

Some degree programs have additional requirements beyond the ASU admission requirements, such as SAT/ACT scores or a higher GPA.


By getting your associate’s degree at MCC and meeting admission deadlines, transfer students are automatically considered for the Transfer Achievement Award.  Award amounts range from $1,000 to 4,000 and can be renewed for a total of 4 semesters by completing 24 ASU credit hours and maintaining a cumulative 2.5 GPA.

Visit Opportunities

MCC holds transfer fairs every semester to help you get more acquainted with the transfer process and your options for transferring, but if you want to visit ASU to get a feel of one of its campuses- the best way is through either Sun Devil Days or Experience ASU.  Tour the campus and talk with current ASU students to learn more about the Sun Devil Experience.

Contact Info

ASU Transfer Admissions Specialist

Kelsey Singleton, M.Ed.

Coordinator Senior, Graduate and Transfer Admissions

Arizona State University 
p: 480-965-7768

Fall & Spring Hours

By appointment only
Thursdays at MCC
Monday-Wednesday phone appointments available
Friday appointments available that the ASU campus

Set up an appointment or contact Kelsey directly.

Summer Hours

by appointment only
Monday – Thursday
8:00am to 5:30pm

Interested in transferring to ASU?  Have questions about which classes to take, admission requirements, or financial aid?  Make an appointment with your Transfer Admissions Specialist, Kelsey!  Kelsey is the liaison between ASU and MCC.  She works for ASU, but is located at MCC — so she knows well what you will need to do to ensure your transfer is easy and successful.